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Benvenuti su Natural1

Natural 1 is a monthly magazine of technical-scientific information in the natural field.

The main themes it deals with are: phytotherapy, nutraceuticals and nutrition, natural cosmetics, mycotherapy, essential oils, veterinary phytotherapy and marine resources
The most renowned experts in the sector work together on an international level.
Inside the magazine there are also numerous current affairs columns, ranging from information from Associations to international news. Innovative not only in its layout, but also in its format (21X27), the magazine is the first ever to report in its entirety, in a specially dedicated section, the articles in English whose authors have given their authorization.
An essential feature is the care taken in photographic / iconographic research and the high quality of resolution and printing.

There are ten issues planned throughout the year (January / February and July / August single issues).


Distributed by postal subscription, the magazine reaches not only all herbalists, but also pharmacies with herbalist department, natural food shops, Italian and foreign manufacturing and distribution companies in the reference sectors, universities, institutions, libraries, Associations, Chambers of Commerce, Embassies, Consulates and the main trade fairs in Italy and abroad. Its diffusion is foreseen not only in paper format, but also digitally, on the main social channels around the world.
Natural 1 wants to offer the digital reader more meticulous and complete information, by consulting its archive: thousands of articles, columns and an immense technical, scientific and photographic heritage collected in more than twenty years of publications.
This publishing initiative is the result of G & V’s work and experience in the publishing / natural products sector.
Our logo, present for over 43 years, guarantees the quality and authoritativeness of scientific information.