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Herbs and functional foods for sport performance

Pardini Andrea, Rosaria Fabrizio, Pardini Son Nowadays herbal medicinal products and supplements are used by not less than 80% of people worldwide for some part of primary healthcare and thepresent link between plants and sport can be found in the concept of “functional foods”. Many of these are available on the market and their effectschange […]

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Seaweed at the dinner table can it help to prevent obesity?

Tomoyuki Koyama It is well known that overweight and obesity are most often caused by excessive caloric intake, unbalanced diet, social stress, and lack of exercise. In order to maintain an optimum body condition, it is important to select the appropriate quality and quantity of food consumed in one’s daily meals. A good and smart […]

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Hericium erinaceus effects on central nervous system

Paola Rossi Hericium erinaceus is an edible and medicinal mushroom well known in China, where it’s called Houtou, and in Japan, where it’s called Yamabushitake because it resembles the ornamental cloth worn by Buddhist monks practicing asceticism. This article illustrates the activities of this mushroom on central nervous system and memory. Natural 1 Scarica PDF

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Speaking to Anna Rita Bilia

Natural 1 interviewed Professor Bilia, president of various international scientific associations that deal with research inthe field of phytochemistry and phytonutrients to talk about the present and the opportunities that open up for the future. Scarica PDF

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Nanotechnologies applied to food: small size for great food!

A. R. Bilia Food nanotechnology is an area of emerging interest and opens up a whole universe of new possibilities for the food industry. Food related applications of nanotechnologies offer a wide range of benefits to the consumer. These include a possible reduction in the use of preservatives, salt, fat and surfactants in food products; […]

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Uses of algae in the context of problems of the environment and of public health – part two – Synthesis of the environmental, health and toxicological issues

Anthropic activities, amongst the countless benefits offered to humans, and which moreover have become essential, are unfortunately the cause of considerable changes in the ecosystem in its main sectors – air, ground, water – causing their widespread contamination and having an influence on global climatic conditions… Scarica PDF

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