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Rhodiola rosea

The Rhodiola rosea had all the properties to become a myth: it is a small plant , of insignificant appearance, but with a respectful pedigree… Scarica PDF

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Pycnogenol in cosmetics

Pycnogenol is a name registered by the company Horghag Research Ltd and represents an extract from the bark of the maritime pine (Pinus Pinaster) studied in 1953 and widely used as a food integrator in the United States… Scarica PDF

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The placebo effect

Over the centur ies, therapist s have not iced that , in man, there are discreet percentages of improvement and even cure (up to 50%) through medicat ion with substances without any pharmacodynamic effect , i.e. considered unsuitable to modify the altered metabolic react ions of the patient , restoring them to normal… Scarica PDF

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