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An innovative technology for the production of active ingredients from plants: part one

The experimentation in the sector of the culture of cells of plant origin illustrated in this ar ticle has had the objective of selecting celllines with high capacities of synthesising active ingredients useful in a pharmaceutical or biomedical context and directed, in particular, at thosecharacter ized by a limited availability from the natural sources… Scarica […]

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Rhodiola rosea

The Rhodiola rosea had all the properties to become a myth: it is a small plant , of insignificant appearance, but with a respectful pedigree… Scarica PDF

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Synthesis of the environmental, health and toxicological issues

Anthropic activities, amongst the countless benefits offered to humans, and which moreover have become essential, are unfortunately the cause of considerable changes in the ecosystem in its main sectors – air, ground, water – causing their widespread contamination and having an influence on global climatic conditions… Scarica PDF

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Pycnogenol in cosmetics

Pycnogenol is a name registered by the company Horghag Research Ltd and represents an extract from the bark of the maritime pine (Pinus Pinaster) studied in 1953 and widely used as a food integrator in the United States… Scarica PDF

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The placebo effect

Over the centur ies, therapist s have not iced that , in man, there are discreet percentages of improvement and even cure (up to 50%) through medicat ion with substances without any pharmacodynamic effect , i.e. considered unsuitable to modify the altered metabolic react ions of the patient , restoring them to normal… Scarica PDF

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