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Centella asiatica, herb of the tigers

The study of ethno-medicine has given science drugs such as strophanthin, curare and vincristine and will cer tainly reserve sensational surpr ises for us in the future, however it is undeniable that the pr inciple of the overall concept of medicine as a subject took the form of a science precisely with the development of […]

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Balms and perfumes at the court of Byzantium

The taste for elegance and ornamentation declined and disappeared with the fall of the Roman Empire, perhaps not as suddenly as may be thought , but it is certain that the population, under the threat of continuous invasions by barbarians had many other things to think about rather than decorating and ornamenting their bodies… Scarica […]

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The trend of Foshu and Japanese Healthy Diet boom

Japan is a country well known for its people’s longevity and now the Japanese diet has become quite popular and is being eaten worldwide in foods such as sushi. We are very proud of the status Japan has for longevity which we like to attribute to our healthy diet of macrobiotic food and our food […]

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