International articles

International articles

A wide selection of English scientific articles published on Natural 1.

Echinacea purpurea L.

Influence of cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) on the mother tincture...

An innovative technology for the production of active ingredients from plants: part two

Phenylpropanoids (PP) belong to a very wide class of secondary metabolites also commonly called phenylethanol glucosides. These are
natural compounds soluble in water and widely dist ributed in the organs of superior plants. From the structural point...

An innovative technology for the production of active ingredients from plants: part one

The experimentation in the sector of the culture of cells of plant origin illustrated in this ar ticle has had the objective of selecting celllines with high capacities of synthesising active ingredients useful in a pharmaceutical or biomedical context and directed, in particular, at those
character ized by a limited availability from the natural sources...

Soy, isoflavone and breast cancer risk in Japan

The results from the JPHC study...

The cranberry: its potential use in the treatment of recurring urinary tratct infections

The English term “Cranberry” is used to indicate the group of small evergreen shrubs that form the Oxycoccos sub-genus of the Vaccinium genus, of the Ericaceae family, and which grow on acid soils in the cold regions of the northern hemisphere of the planet...

Green tea in the chemoprevention cancer

Plant drugs have a long history in both traditional and modern societies as herbal remedies or crude drugs, as purified compounds approved by Food and Drug Administration...

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