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International articles

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Green tea in the chemoprevention cancer

Plant drugs have a long history in both traditional and modern societies as herbal remedies or crude drugs, as purified compounds approved by Food and Drug Administration...

Green tea catechins extract (GTE) for patients with pre-neoplastic lesions

Prostate cancer (CaP) is the second leading cause of cancer- related death among men in Western countries. At the moment, CaP represents a major health problem, growing as populations age...

Hypericum the last science discovery, part four

...this is still justified as the hypericins are the most immediately accessible component s from the analytical point of view and are the
markers of qualities which, by their presence, guarantee the presence of other active substances...

Hypericum the last science discovery, part three

The widespread consumption of preparations with St. John’s wort which, in Germany alone, reached hundreds of millions of prescriptions in the 1990s (1) and selfmedications, allowed valid information to be obtained on the interactions and unwanted effects...

Hypericum the last science discovery, part two

Clinical experimentation with extracts of St.. John's wort in depressed patients – Results, comparisons and final conclusions of pharmaco ther apy against depression...

Hypericum the last science discovery, part one

In the past ten years, phytotherapeutic knowledge on St. John’s wort has undergone a radical change, allowing it a more objective positive evaluation. From the biological point of view, St. John’s wort is not , as was thought, a drug that is active against psychovegetative disorders, anxiety and nervous agitation but is exclusively an anti-depressant , with a beneficial influence on the aforementioned pathologies in the context of its effectiveness against depression...

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