International articles

International articles

A wide selection of English scientific articles published on Natural 1.

Ginkgo biloba the tree of life

The peculiar shape of the tree and it s leaves aroused great curiosity in Europe, and a number of patrician families, fascinated by the majest ic nature of the Gingko, planted numerous specimens in their parks...

The Etruscan and the Mediterranean diet

...the modern West ern food model is increasingly similar to that handed down to us by Etruscan artists: scenes depicting the dining table of
aristocrat s of Tarquinia and Dodecapolis, over flowing with game, meat , and rich, succulent dishes...

Third edge: immunostimulant effects of natural substances: prospects for use in the elderly

Ever since Antiquity, the therapeutic properties of many plants have been used as alternative or complementary treatments for different types of pathologies. Plants have been, and continue to be, an object of continuing study in the search for new substances with therapeutic activities...

Crataegus monogyma Jacq.,

Phytotherapeutic treatment in the climatericsyndrome and in minor symptomatologyof the menopause

The menopause is the time when ovarian activity comes to a halt and the woman’s fertility ceases, even if in the early stages of menopause (sometimes even in the first year or two) there may very rarely be ovulatory cycles with the product ion of ovocytes...

Viral infections of thyme

Medicinal herbs are subject to many parasites that at tack both the roots and the shoots or epigeal part of the plant and these have negative effect s on the plant ’s growth and effective ness. The diseases are caused by fungi, bacteria, phytoplasms, viruses and organisms that are similar to viruses, like viroids, as well as the plants being open to at tack and infestation by nematodes, insects and acaridae...

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