International articles

International articles

A wide selection of English scientific articles published on Natural 1.

Phytotherapeutic treatment in the climatericsyndrome and in minor symptomatologyof the menopause

The menopause is the time when ovarian activity comes to a halt and the woman’s fertility ceases, even if in the early stages of menopause (sometimes even in the first year or two) there may very rarely be ovulatory cycles with the product ion of ovocytes...

Viral infections of thyme

Medicinal herbs are subject to many parasites that at tack both the roots and the shoots or epigeal part of the plant and these have negative effect s on the plant ’s growth and effective ness. The diseases are caused by fungi, bacteria, phytoplasms, viruses and organisms that are similar to viruses, like viroids, as well as the plants being open to at tack and infestation by nematodes, insects and acaridae...

Sangre de drago, the blood of the forest

We have been hear ing nothing but this all over the wor ld, and in the south of the wor ld in particular, for about the past 20 years. These two words have become a sort of magic formula without which it is inconceivable of taking on any project for production...

Characterization of the extract of calyces of Roselle as a source of "Sobo" drink in Nigeria

A plant of the family Malvaceae used all over the world as a pleasant, caffein- free drink to replace tea and coffee, Roselle is the Eritrean denomination of Hibiscus sabdariffa L. Nowadays, this shrub of Jamaican origin (sabdariffa is the local West Indies name) is grown in all tropical countries, including Nigeria, where the following study has been carried out by prof. I.A. Amoo, from Nigeria...

Care of the body and cosmetics in Norman Salerno

The most widespread legend on the origin of the Medical School of Salerno relates that four pilgrims – a Latin, a Greek, a Jew and an Arab – met by chance in Salerno in the 9th century. They were all well-versed in medicine and decided to pool their knowledge, creating an association to give rise to a school...

Hypericum perforatum the fugademon

..." in any case any total Hypericum extract preparations for oral consumption always bear the wording “ avoid direct exposure to sunlight or the use of sun tan lamps “ ...
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