International articles

International articles

A wide selection of English scientific articles published on Natural 1.

Flavouring or natural flavouring?

Notes of guidance to make the right  choice in the development of herbal preparations...

Anti-malarial remedies from classic chinese Pharmacopoeia

Out of the 248 thousand species of plants existing in the world, only a small percentage has been studied. Amazonia, the Andes, Borneo, India, China, the Philippines and Africa: this is where the huge unexplored pharmacy created by Mother Nature is to be found to a great

Monascus: nutraceutical for excellence

The market of natural products, on an internat ional level, is in a phase of ext raordinary expansion. Among the causes, the boom in the United States’ market , projected beyond US$ 4 milliards in 2000, and the emergence of new categor ies of natural substances which are rapidly and fundamentally changing our idea of health and diseases...

The trend of Foshu and Japanese Healthy Diet boom

Japan is a country well known for its people’s longevity and now the Japanese diet has become quite popular and is being eaten worldwide in foods such as sushi. We are very proud of the status Japan has for longevity which we like to attribute to our healthy diet of macrobiotic food and our food culture...

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