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Implementation of the traditional herbal products directive in the United Kingdom

 Licensing of medicines in the EU is carried out according to the requirements of Directive 2001/83/EC, the Community code on medicinal products for human use. Directive 2004/24/EC (the Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive – THMPD) amends this code to introduce the Traditional Herbal Medicines Registration Scheme and to apply many of the existing requirements in […]

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Camphor a very rare perfume

…although the drug had been widely used for thousands of years by the Chinese and Marco Polo also reported having seen the trees in the forests of Fokien, it is not known when unrefined camphor, the only real and effective medicine from this plant, was first extracted…. Scarica PDF

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The historical importance of Ethnomedicine part one

The use of medicinal plants among the Nomad people of Central – Eastern Africa… The research was made among the Nile-Hamitic peoples, a linguistic and racial group of Ethiopic origin, principally widespread in that area of Central Eastern Africa going to the Upper Nile to the Victoria lake… Scarica PDF

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The historical importance of Ethnomedicine part two

If it is clear that these peoples have always dealt with the said drugs in the same way, it is also true that the western medicine, owing to its contacts with the Arabian culture during the centuries, became acquainted and started utilizing drugs of crucial importance for the materia medica… Scarica PDF

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Centella asiatica, herb of the tigers

The study of ethno-medicine has given science drugs such as strophanthin, curare and vincristine and will cer tainly reserve sensational surpr ises for us in the future, however it is undeniable that the pr inciple of the overall concept of medicine as a subject took the form of a science precisely with the development of […]

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