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Centella asiatica, herb of the tigers

The study of ethno-medicine has given science drugs such as strophanthin, curare and vincristine and will cer tainly reserve sensational surpr ises for us in the future, however it is undeniable that the pr inciple of the overall concept of medicine as a subject took the form of a science precisely with the development of […]

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Care of the body and cosmetics in Norman Salerno

The most widespread legend on the origin of the Medical School of Salerno relates that four pilgrims – a Latin, a Greek, a Jew and an Arab – met by chance in Salerno in the 9th century. They were all well-versed in medicine and decided to pool their knowledge, creating an association to give rise […]

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Phytotherapy in Dermatology

Dermatology is one of the branches of medicine that can obtain the greatest benefit from the use of phytotherapeutic products. Extracts of drugs of plant origin have always been used in therapy and cosmetics… Scarica PDF

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Sangre de drago, the blood of the forest

We have been hear ing nothing but this all over the wor ld, and in the south of the wor ld in particular, for about the past 20 years. These two words have become a sort of magic formula without which it is inconceivable of taking on any project for production… Scarica PDF

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The surprising properties of uridine

Uridine is a pyr imidine nucleoside playing a crucial role in mammalian cell life because it par t icipates, together with its phosphate analogs(UMP, UDP and UTP), to protein biosynthesis, cell growth and replication, glucose deposit ion in stores, disposal of xenobiot ics through theglucurono-conjugat ion pathway, and biosynthesis of cell membranes… Scarica PDF

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The last days of Pompeii

Man fears death and tries to exorcise its presence through rituals and refined philosophical constructions or, more simply, by trying to “ignore” it; in nature however, life and death represent a single unit that is difficult to break down and separate, thanks to which life is able to continue… Scarica PDF

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